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Versapulley Versaclimber

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    The Versapulley is a weightless exercise machine which offers a versatile workout, limited only... more
    Product information "Versapulley"

    The Versapulley is a weightless exercise machine which offers a versatile workout, limited only by the user’s imagination. It is extremely simple to use. The rope is pulled away from the machine in any direction, using any one of a series of handle or belt attachments, triggering the resistance which builds strength and conditions muscle in the user. The harder the rope is pulled, the harder the machine pulls it back when the rope retracts, working additional
    muscle groups and making workouts twice as efficient. And thanks to the patented MV2 technology, the forces involved are entirely user-defined, meaning that the harder the rope is pulled, the heavier the ‘weight’ will feel. The Versapulley is even safe for use by children.

    Floorspace 711x2007mm (28x79”) / Height 2388mm (94”) / Weight113kg (250lb)

    Delivery by forwarder, unmounted and without installation!

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