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Trendy RehaMat

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    The huge range of the ProfiGymMat is allowing an optimal selection, adapted to the individual... more
    Product information "Trendy RehaMat"

    The huge range of the ProfiGymMat is allowing an optimal selection, adapted to the individual requirement of the particular exercise.

    The quality of the ProfiGymMat speaks for itself:

    · stays resistant, supple and stable in shape even under high performance
    · tensile strength
    · long life
    · easy adaption to the ground
    · comfortable and flexible
    · anti-slippery and flat lying
    · easy rolling and unrolling of mat
    · no sticking-out corners
    · optimum shock absorbing
    · both sides usable, in the studio, outdoor and in water
    · super hygienic because of closed cellular structure
    · anti-germ protection
    · dirt and humidity resistant
    · easily washable with water
    · 3 years of guarantee

    Size: 200 x 100 x 2,5 cm! Colour: blue, red or anthrazit ! Please choose out!

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