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Training Equipment

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art.-no.: 701152
Marker Hood, flexible Marker Hood, flexible
From €0.49 *
art.-no.: 701171-701179-05021003
TOP COACH mini marker cone, all colours TOP COACH Mini Marker Cone
From €1.15 *
art.-no.: 701341-701349
Top Coach Multi-Maxi-Markierhaube TOP COACH Multi-Maxi Marker Cone
From €2.45 *
art.-no.: 05021207
Slalompoles PVC Slalomstangen steckbar Stangen Slalom Poles BFP Slalom Poles 170cm | 32mm diameter
From €4.90 *
art.-no.: 05021012
TOP COACH Mini-Marker-Cones, Set of 48 TOP COACH Mini-Marker-Cones, Set of 48
From €34.90 *
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art.-no.: 707282
Jumper Togu Luftkissen TOGU Jumper
Jump into the future with the Jumper by TOGU You can use the Jumper for physiotherapy, functional...
From €150.00 *
art.-no.: 05020660
Koordinationsleiter, 4 Meter lang, mit 10 Streben Coordination Ladder, 4m length, adjustable
Available again in middle of July 2017! New coordination ladder to train the run-coordination and...
€15.50 *
art.-no.: 05021070
bfp Marker Discs, set of 24, colours yellow/orange bfp Marker Discs, set of 24, colours yellow/orange
available again in middle July 2017! The new bfp Marker Disc Set is a very useful product to mark...
€29.50 *
art.-no.: 00510060
Koordinationsringe 12er Set mit Tasche Agility Rings, set of 12, incl. bag
12 Agility Rings (diameter ca. 50 cm) for improving coordination, flexibility and jump-strength!...
€29.90 *
art.-no.: 05021243
BFP Slalomstangen Set Paket mit Tasche  gelb BFP Slalom Pole - Set of 16, including bag
The high-quality BFP slalom poles made of PVC with a height of 170cm and 32mm diameter in a...
€99.00 *
art.-no.: 880143
Schiedsrichter -Disziplinarkarte, grün Disciplinary Card, green
Disciplinary card with high signalling effect and round cut edges. color: green size: 12 x 9 cm...
€0.75 *
art.-no.: 05020532
Step Training Huerde 30 cm Step Training Hurdle, 30 cm
Hurdle - Step Hurdle - for sports, Soccer, Football and here for a better coordination. A good...
From €6.75 *
Sport whistle FOX 40 Classic Sport whistle FOX 40 Classic
The whistle FOX 40 Classic is one of the most popular whistles for referees. approx. 102 DB for...
€6.00 *
art.-no.: 05021226
Slalomstange, zweigeteilt Slalom pole, divisible into two parts
Slalom pole, divisible into two parts! The two single poles remain connected with a ribbon!...
€6.90 * €9.90 *
art.-no.: 05020798
Viererkettenband -NEU- Back Four Belt
With the back four belt you can connect all four players of your defensive block. So it´s optimal...
€49.00 *
art.-no.: 00607038
Mobiles, klappbares Alu-Fußballtor Alu Klapptor Mobile mini goal foldable (incl. net)
Mobile mini goal “foldable” (incl. net). Ideal for matches in small fields. size: ca. 145 x 90 cm...
€160.00 *
art.-no.: 00520057
Cawila Slalompole 160cm | 9 colours Cawila Slalompole 160cm | 9 colours
The Cawila slalom poles with precious metal tip are easy to put into the ground and are ready to...
€3.90 *
art.-no.: 05020533
Step Training Huerde 50 cm Step Training Hurdle, 50 cm
Hurdle - Step Hurdle - for sports, Soccer, Football and here for a better jumping and...
From €9.50 *
art.-no.: 05020360
Schaumstoff-Dummy 3D 3D Foam-Trainingdummy
3D Foam-Trainingdummy for goalkeeper training and header training! It is not too hard when you...
From €389.00 *
art.-no.: 05021500
DIGI PC-91 EL [60 Memory] DIGI PC-91 EL [60 Memory]
60-memory Stopwatch with 3-row-display! Water - resistant: The stopwatch withstands accidental...
€38.90 *
art.-no.: 05020751
Schusstrainer Torschusstrainer Torschuss Muskulatur Elastikband Shot Trainer
Perform your technique and strength of your kicking leg. All muscles being used while shooting...
From €14.90 *
art.-no.: 706303
Quick Feet Trainer Bandensystem Rückprallwand Reboundsystem Quick Feet Trainer
Quick Feet Football Training - Quick Feet is the proven ball skills training program that will...
From €29.99 *
art.-no.: 05020385
Standfuß Freistoßfiguren Dummie-Fuß Steel base for Training Dummy - pluggable
Steel base to be filled with sand for Training Dummy positioning on artificial grass. Weight: 2...
From €169.00 *
art.-no.: 05020311
Set 5 Trainingsdummies rot + Tasche Set: 5 Training-Dummies red + bag
Set: 5 pluggable Training-Dummies (red) plus carrying bag! Info about pluggable Training-Dummies:...
€575.00 *
art.-no.: 707530
Flexvit Mini, 10er Paket Flexvit Mini Resistance band, set of 10
Set of 10 elastic loops for an effective training - exercise the muscles of the hips and legs....
€109.80 *
art.-no.: 707010
Pezziball Maxafe Original Gymnastikball Pezzi Sitzball Original Pezzi® Gymnastikball Maxafe®
Ideal for a wide range of uses, from gymnastics to rehabilitation, fitness to aerobics, dance,...
From €16.90 *
art.-no.: 05020654
BFP Koordinationsleiter High Speed bfp coordination ladder "High Speed" - 9 squares
bfp coordination ladder and Speedfootladder "Highspeed" with 9 squares - to train the high speed...
From €36.50 *
art.-no.: 05010711
Reaction Ball, 10cm Spezialball Reaktionsball Reaction Ball, 10cm
Reaction-Ball diameter: ca. 10 cm bounces back incalculable trains the cooperation of eyes and...
From €4.50 *
art.-no.: 040360
Body Stick Massagestick Original Body Stick
The Stick provides myofascial release and trigger point therapy by segmentally elongating muscle...
€49.90 *
art.-no.: 707531
Flexvit Resist, 10er Paket Flexvit Resist, set of 10 | resistance band
Set of 10 elastic resistance bands (loops) for an effective training - exercise all the major...
€175.00 *
art.-no.: 05021510
Digi Schiedsrichter Uhr Sportuhr Stoppuhr DIGI referee watch
free adjustable playing time countdown stopppage timing hour and alram (register date and hour of...
From €34.90 *
art.-no.: 05021240
Koordination-Set Slalom-Dribbel-Set Stangen-Set Dribbel-Set Dribbling Slalomstangen BFP-slalom-dribbling 4-colour set
BFP-slalom-dribbling 4-colour set! Content: 1 BFP “pro-coaching-bag” for slalom poles 4 of each...
€99.00 *
art.-no.: 706293
Trainingsdummy aufblasbar mit Luft gefüllt Trainingdummy, inflatable
Inflatable Trainingdummy for goalkeeper training or tactical and technical exercises with or...
From €139.00 *
art.-no.: 05010705
Torwart Reflex Ball Keeper React Ball
React ball - for goalkeeper training This ball changes the trajectory during the shot because of...
€24.90 *
art.-no.: 706227
M-Sttation Netz - Rebounder M-Station Rebounder
Rebounder available in 2 dífferent versions: TALENT Club (1,45 x 1,45 m) and ACADEMY (2 x 2 m)!...
From €615.00 *
art.-no.: 00741520
Referee vote mark Referee vote mark
material: plastic color: red/ black or white / black (depends on stock!) diameter: 30 mm
€1.00 *
art.-no.: 05020552
Rüde-Set Stangen Standfüße Trainingshilfe Hürden-Set Ruede Training hurdles with weighted bases
Training hurdles with weighted bases hurdle training - slalom races - agility training Weighted...
From €149.00 *
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