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TOGU Balanza

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    Stabilization and coordination training for fun sports and high performance sports training in... more
    Product information "TOGU Balanza"

    Stabilization and coordination training for fun sports and high performance sports training in a new and challenging dimension.

    TOGU® Balanza® allows to conduct a holistic training in several levels. Below the specific plate made of stable wooden material a robust and durable air-filled ball is mounted. This enables the user to train through the dynamic instable surface and target the stabilizing muscle groups and joint protecting effects. In contrast to usual therapy boards the standing area is like floating supported suspension. This allows a multidimensional shift during he training.

    For stabilization and coordination exercises in standing positions (one and two leg) in combination with or without additional training tools as rope pulls. Ideal also for proped positions as push ups because of the handles. Setting new training stimuli.

    • 100% birch wooden plate with red ball
    • Size: ca. 55 x 35 cm
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