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The Art of Goalkeeping or the Seven Principles of the Master

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    The Art of Goalkeeping - Book from Ha ns Leitert. Which characteristics mark out the true... more
    Product information "The Art of Goalkeeping or the Seven Principles of the Master"

    The Art of Goalkeeping - Book from Hans Leitert.Which characteristics mark out the true professional between the posts? What should a young goalie keep in mind to successfully survive the competition? The seven principles of the masters unlock the secret!

    Who does not fondly remember the brilliant feats of the goalkeeping legends Lew Jaschin, Gordon Banks, Peter Schmeichel or Dino Zoff? Are we not all spellbound when an Oliver Kahn or a Petr Cech gives his spectacular performances?

    What distinguishes these artists in the goal from other players? What enables particularly them to react excellently while others do not? Why is it that some keepers fumble the ball regularly and others manage to maintain the highest standard? What makes the difference?

    This book deals with the small detailed disparities between top keepers and average keepers. It is about the often so impalpable configuration that determines whether a ball hits the target or a big save is made. For successful and confident goalkeeping seven vital factors are of paramount importance: the seven principles of the masters – deciphered and defined for the first time. Not only are they simply put and understandable for everyone but they are also easy to apply to all game situations, for all age-groups, all classes all over the world.

    The seven principles are:

    • No. 1: Optimal positioning and distance
    • No. 2: Balance
    • No. 3: Ready in time
    • No. 4: The correct beginning
    • No. 5: Actively towards the ball
    • No. 6: Courage
    • No. 7: Controlled focus

    Numerous explanations, illustrations, diagrams and training recommendations give every goalkeeper, trainer and parent a unique insight into the fascinating world of goalkeeping.

    The author:
    Hans Leitert was born in 1973 in Vienna (Austria).
    At the age of 22 he played for the 1st Division Club VfB Mödling and at that point, Leitert was the youngest professional goalkeeper in Austria.
    Following his career as a player he worked as Goalkeeping Coach & Conditioning Coach for the Youth and Amateur Teams of VfB Mödling, SK Rapid Vienna, FK Austria Vienna and from 2000 to 2005 as Goalkeeping Coach of the Austrian U21 National Team.
    Since 2005 Hans Leitert acted as the Goalkeeping Coach in Greece (Panathinaikos FC), Spain (Real Club Recreativo Huelva) and England (Tottenham Hotspur FC). Now (started in 2010) international Head -Goalkeeping-Coach (Head of Goalkeeping Development and Goalkeeping Recruiting) in some Red Bull Clubs over the world:  Red Bull Salzburg/ New York Red Bulls/ RB Leipzig and Red Bull Brasil.

    full-color print, 136 pages, numerous of illustration and photos, size: 20,5 x 14,5 cm

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