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Substitution Board for Football/Soccer

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    Substitution board for Football/Soccer and Rugby. Useful for displaying the number of players... more
    Product information "Substitution Board for Football/Soccer"

    Substitution board for Football/Soccer and Rugby. Useful for displaying the number of players entering and exiting and for displaying the final recovery time.

    Common features of the 3 models:

    • Height of digits: 23.5cm. Readability distance: 100m.
    • Use of high brightness LEDs suitable for outdoors: red for exiting player and green for entering player.
    • Typical brightness: 6000cd/sq.m.
    • For outdoor use, water resistant. Protection class: IP56.
    • Sturdy numerical membrane keyboard for easy insertion of numbers. Lifespan for each key: more than 2 million operations.
    • Internal Li-Ion battery rechargeable. With a charged battery about 260 displays of 20 seconds each can be effectuated for the INOUT-1s, and 140 displays for the INOUT-2s.
    • Display of battery level via a specific key.
    • Pre-programming of substitutions. You can pre-program up to 6 player substitutions so that you can then quickly recall them using the keys from 1 to 6.
    • Automatic off function for battery saving.
    • Battery charger provided.
    • Spaces reserved for sponsors stickers:
      • Bottom area: front 48x9cm, back 35x9cm.
      • Top area, only on model INOUT-2sP : 58x20cm, both front and back sides. 
    • Strong polycarbonate case, with anti-slip grip.
    • Complied with the regulation EN60950-1 for crash tests
    • Ultra light and thin. Weight and Size:
      • INOUT-1s: 2,2kg, 58,2x38,3x2,7cm 
      • INOUT-2s: 2,25kg, 58,2x38,3x2,7cm 
      • INOUT-2sP: 2,75kg, 58,2x58,7x2,7cm
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Marks: CE Mark, Made in Italy

    Please, choose out your prefered model:

    • INOUT-1s, 1-sided display
    • INOUT-2s, 2-sided display
    • INOUT-2sP, 2-sided display and sponsor space on top

    Optional accessories (not included):

    • Carrying case for INOUT-1s or INOUT-2s (size and weight of case: 61x40x8cm, 0,65kg)
    • Carrying case for INOUT-2sP (size and weight of case: 61x60x8cm, 0,92kg)

    Delivery Time about 10 days! Delivery by forwarder!

    Because of the contained lithium-battery is shipping to countries other than Germany, Austria and Switzerland not possible!

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