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Cawila Slalompole 160cm | 9 colours


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The Cawila slalom poles with precious metal tip are easy to put into the ground and are ready... more
Product information "Cawila Slalompole 160cm | 9 colours"

The Cawila slalom poles with precious metal tip are easy to put into the ground and are ready to use.

The slalom poles are made of impact-resistant PVC and equipped with a metal tip. This ensures an optimal grip in the ground. The rod in size L has a diameter of 33mm and a length of 1.60 meters.

Product details:

  • With precious metal tip
  • Suitable for effective training sessions
  • Material: PU
  • Diameter: 33mm
  • Length: 1,60m
  • 9 colours available!
Our comment on "Cawila Slalompole 160cm | 9 colours"
Also available as a set of 10 slalom poles for a cheaper price. Very useful for you training session on natural gras.
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