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PLiFiX® - Line marking tool

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    PLiFiX® (synthetic grass implants for ground marking) are a new system for ground marking in... more
    Product information "PLiFiX® - Line marking tool"

    PLiFiX® (synthetic grass implants for ground marking) are a new system for ground marking in the form of tufts of grass .

    The PLiFiX® marking tool is a synthetic turf implant for marking lines, sections and fixed points (such as cables, etc.).

    How to use PLiFiX®:

    1. Choose a location, then manually push the PLiFiX screw 4 cm into the ground.
    2. Place the driving tool onto the screw ensuring the fibres are inside the tube.
    3. Hit with a hammer until the dotted ‘‘STOP’’ line, then remove the driving tool.
    4. Pour sand between the fibres to fill in the hole between the top of the screw and the ground.

    The protruding fibers are cut at the next mowing easy.

    Present in more than 200,000 sports grounds in Europe, they are used to mark out playing fields, ensure the exactness of dimensions and facilitate the marking of lines.

    Note: For marking of a sports field (football) you need at least 25 pieces Plifix!

    25 pcs in a box includes 1 driving tool!

    Available in white, blue, yellow, red, orange and green (especially for not conspicuity marking, for example water pipes, water pumps etc.)!

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