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Gliding - Sliding Discs

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    The Gliding - sliding discs are lightweight, durable, easy to maintain and easy to store.... more
    Product information "Gliding - Sliding Discs"

    The Gliding - sliding discs are lightweight, durable, easy to maintain and easy to store.

    The discs (21,5 cm diameter) are placed under the feet or under the hands in order to perform easy to learn and fun exercises.
    Sliding discs are available in two different versions. One is specially designed for hardwood surfaces; the discs are made of durable tight-weave coated fabric that allows for smooth, even movement on hardwood / laminated wood.

    The other version is specially designed for carpeted floor.
    The discs are manufactured from high-tech polymer material designed to allow for a smooth sliding on carpeted surface.

    Please choose out:

    • Gliding Discs for hardwood (Option = glatte Hartböden)
    • Gliding Discs for carpet (Option = Teppichboden)

    This program incorporates Body Sculpting, Balance, flexibility, Core and cardiovascular exercises and strengthens thigh, abdominal and back muscles.

    Gliding™ exercises can be adapted to all fitness levels and the intensity level is controlled by the user. But, the Gliding™ exercises are not intended for pregnant women.
    In standing position, Gliding™ exercises consist of dynamic lunge, squat and slide variations and combinations. The movements are fun and easy to learn and to adapt to any exerciser fitness level. The discs can also be used during floor exercises in supine, lateral and prone position to strengthen all muscles groups.

    The possibilities are endless!

    Exercise has never been so graceful and consistent. Gliding™ exercises can be structured into a stand-alone Gliding class or incorporated into other existing class formats like: Step, Hi-Low, Circuits, Interval Training, Pilates or Yoga, Body Design etc... Gliding™ can enhance a personal training session by offering integrated muscle conditioning (recruiting multiple muscles within the same exercise) and compound movements never experienced before.

    Delivery: 1 pair, Incl. "Glide into your jeans - Eating Guide"

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