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DVD Speed-Coordination

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    SpeedCoordination - DVD - 88 Exercises with the Coordinations-Ladder. Klaus Stosno, director... more
    Product information "DVD Speed-Coordination"

    SpeedCoordination - DVD - 88 Exercises with the Coordinations-Ladder.

    Klaus Stosno, director of "Berlin Speed Center", shows on this DVD 88 professional, varied, effective and easy to follow exercises with the coordination ladder.  Special for Soccer-/ Footballtraining and also for other sports,

    If you practice these exercises regularly your feet become even faster and you will soon be able to master more complex patterns of move.

    This training will not only improve your coordination skill, it will also help to prevent injuries so that you can always achieve maximum performance.

    DVD includes:


    • for run coordination forward and sideways
    • for jump coordination forward and sideways
    • with the bfp coordination ladder "High Speed"

    Language: English, Runtime: approx. 39 minutes, Audio: Stereo, Format: 16:9

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