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Ball payning "Mundial" PVC-ballmat

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    Bounce shots that  become fast and almost unpredictable because they deflect from the uneven... more
    Product information "Ball payning "Mundial" PVC-ballmat"

    Bounce shots that  become fast and almost unpredictable because they deflect from the uneven and rainy grass of the football pitch , are one of the biggest challenges for a goalkeeper.

    With the help of our high quality pvc-ballmat you can train these highly dangerous shots!

    New Edition out now! with two integrated water deflectors and one airbag, for better deflection of shots on goal!

    The mat is very simple to set up. Simply lay out the wetted ballmat infront of the goal. If needed you can inflate the airbag and fill the water deflectors.

    -size: 5x2,5 m

    -material: special PVC ( both durable and soft)

    -Airpump and waterbag included!

    Delivery: ex works

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