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Balance-Pad Bamusta Cuatro

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    Ideal for fitness, therapy and rehabilitation, but also for the effective workout at home.... more
    Product information "Balance-Pad Bamusta Cuatro"

    Ideal for fitness, therapy and rehabilitation, but also for the effective workout at home.

    The quadrangular Bamusta Cuatro Pad is made of 60 mm thick closed cellular foam material. excellent damping properties, also when strained selectively. Non-slip due to wafer structure, water resistent and easy to clean.

    As soon as the user steps on the Bamusta Cuatro Pad one automatically starts practicing the balance. The body weight creates a compression which challenges the user's balance And coordination.

    • Size: 48 x 39 x 6cm
    • Incl. A2-Poster with usage examples
    • Available in black or blue! Please choose out!

    Tip: most training success barefoot! Don´t use with stud-shoes!

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